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My sister’s singing shocks me all the time lol. You’re so awesome @tshepithesong #talent #vocals #sister #theatre

Free Fruit Fall In Love

If you’re asking me what it is I see when I look at you
I see things that can only be perceived from a higher altitude
I elevate myself so I can take a closer look
Eyes fixed on u like I’m reading my favourite book

You’re that fruit at the top of that tall tree, fresh on the trail of spring-time bloom
That fine fruit, waving about freely
As if to say ‘LOVE, I hope u pick me soon’
The one that gets the most amount of sunshine, the same one that flirts with the moon
The very first drop of Summer’s gentle rain tickles you
Then her moaning thunder startles you
while Autumn’s wild wind gives u the shakes
Its only so that the leaves that garnish your flesh can get a taste
of the
sweetness that bursts out of you
A flavour so powerful
You smell so good
I only stroll past you and my mood improves!

At the mere sight of u, I’m fed
Let me turn your yellow skin red
with all the yummy things I say
Let my words fill your head
from Sunday to Sunday
Sugar, meet my yellow and see how it compliments u
Enjoy the sound of my voice when I sing you the pretty songs that I write for you

I want to show u that you’re beautiful and pay homage to your soul
I want to do so before you wither, before the heavens call
And when u start to lose your grip and your stem grows cold
I’ll be waiting at the bottom with my hands cupped to catch u when u fall.



Destiny’s Child — Say My Name
Choreo by Koharu Sugawara

Too nice

This made me smile!
Sechaba on the roof. Why?? Because Voetsek!!  (at Unilofts)
My boys on the roof of The Lofts. #salute #bloem #bloemskyline #myboys  (at Unilofts)
The situation right now. #BBC #Barbas #BarbasCafe #10up  (at Barabas Cafe)
Mom’s birthday lunch last year #TBT #sisters #mysistersbetterthanyours @tshepithesong is too awesome!
KayGeO and I feeling ourselves lol #latepost #homie #boom  (at Unilofts)
My roommate and I on Sunday. #latepost #FUSs #thenightthatwasFUSs #isntshejustpretty #longasshashtags  (at Unilofts)