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When in doubt, take a selfie. They say.

I know right?!! My favourite track on the EP. fuggen amazing!!!

Lord Booqe!!

People who know me know that I live for music, but mostly new music that is different from what people usually listen to.

About three weeks ago, I was watching Vuzu Entertainment annd they were interviewing a fella who goes by Mashayabhuqe KaMamba A.K.A Lord Booqe. He comes from Durban and describes his genre of music as “Digital Maskandi”. That is what got my attention from the jump. Firstly, in my head people who are into maskandi are old zulu men (this is a very big stereotype but lets go with it). Secondly, how the hell can one give maskandi a digital feel? Made no sense in my mind.

The interview was crazy funny. Maybe because he was wearing a black and yellow onesie. but mostly because one can tell that he is both a down to earth dude who is mad into his craft and refusing to conform to commercial “western” type music. But also because he is a really funny guy.

I finally gave his EP a chance today. It’s called The Black Excellence Show. The sound and feel of the EP is insane. Oh My Word!! This dude is just absolutely brilliant. Now I don’t really understand zulu or swati, but I understand music and that EP speaks volumes to me.

Try yourself out and go to his soundcloud page or something, andything. Just put yourself on mayne. Lord Booqe is the right thing.


Trying this “hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself” thing out. Maybe I should make a thing of it and do a countdown, or us it a count-up?

I actually don’t think I mind introducing myself though. It’s always lovely when people (certain people) don’t know you and you’re forced to tell them what you’re about. It lights that fire again. You remember who you wanna be and makes you think if you’ve steered off that path. Or if you’re still in the right direction.

Either way, be known in some way. Make a mark. Do it. Do you.

This is my #day1 of being a somebody. Oath.




10 days, 22 hours, 12 minutes..

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Relationships are strange things. Love is weird. I just don’t know anymore.

Universe, try me out here

Some say good things come to those who wait, others say good things come to those who hustle and make things happen. Who’s right? Surely it’s a combination of the two? Think about it, you hustle but only see the fruits of your hustling over time (that’s if you aren’t doing shady things).
Either way, I’m waiting for those good things to happen to me. It’s time. I also want nice things man. Seriously. Universe, I hope you’re hearing me.

Me trick or treating in the streets of Itzehoe - Germany lol. #throwback #TBT #superman #Halloween #trickortreat #Germany